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  • Dr. Baran can be trusted to give a high level of skill and expertise in diagnosing and treating your issues. He did an excellent job with my son's knee surgery about a year ago, and recently with my hip replacement surgery three months ago. He is very empathetic with his patients, and a good listener.-Michael G.
  • When my son broke his collar bone over a holiday weekend, Dr. Baran took the time to call and talk to us about the injury and discuss possible treatment alternatives. I really appreciated the extra time and attention he gave us. Dr. Baran went above and beyond what most other physicians would have done and it made a significant difference in my son's healing and my piece of mind . His support staff is wonderful, too. Dr. Baran performed surgery on my son within a few days. My son is healing quickly and with good results.-Maggie G.
  • Dr Sean Baran was fantastic. I needed my right knee meniscus repaired. It is a newer surgery that has not been around for long, but Baran had done it several times with success. He was great to work with and answered all my questions. I got a 2nd opinion just for peace of mind and they confirmed same thing Dr. Baran diagnosed and same treatment. He even works on Friday's and was scheduling surgeries on New Years Eve. Kind of unheard of compared to other dr's I have seen in the past. Highly recommend him.-Craig B.
  • Dr. Sean Baran performed a total hip replacement for me in March 2020. He was very thorough in his explanations of my problem and clearly knows his stuff. He was very attentive to details and his office support staff were excellent. The surgery was an unqualified success, and the recovery swift. I was moving around the house without a walker or cane by about Day 12 post-surgery, and went on a fairly long bike ride after about four weeks. My recovery was three times faster than my earlier hip replacement 12 years ago. I also have consulted with Dr. Baran on a knee problem, and he strongly encouraged me to wait before considering surgery and offered alternative therapies for now. Dr. Baran will be my go-to orthopedist as long as I have anything to say about it.-Phil N.
  • Dr Sean Baran is a fantastic doctor. He performed my meniscus repair surgery. During diagnosis, he was thorough and informative; my surgery was a success; and follow up appointments were thorough and informative. I would highly recommend Dr Baran to anyone needing an orthopedic doctor.-Ryan M.
  • Compassion with Geriatric patients, excellent bedside manner, explains in easy to understand terms.-David Wade
  • Dr. Sean Baran is an exceptionally skilled doctor and surgeon and I can't thank him enough for his help. I broke my right collarbone into 4+ pieces when I crashed my bicycle in June 2017. My coworker had a similar injury just a few months prior and had a terrible surgery experience with a different doctor at a different practice. Needless to say, I wanted to find the best surgeon in Denver that accepted my insurance, but I wasn't sure how to find one.

    I chose to see Dr. Baran because he had a prestigious award from his time at the Mayo Clinic (I don't know very much about the world of medical prestige, but this award didn't sound like it was easy to get).

    I was immediately stuck by Dr. Baran's care for my well-being and knowledge of the many schools-of-thought regarding how best to heal broken collarbones. When talking with him, he is patient and it is immediately obvious that he is exceptionally intelligent. He took time to answer all of my questions (I brought a list every time I saw him) and even when I asked technical questions (Ex: Why are you using a stainless steel plate instead of titanium? What type of glue are you putting over the incision and why?) he would respond without hesitation and when I later researched the topics I found his answers were always correct.

    Exactly 8 weeks after surgery he cleared me for light activity using my shoulder and at 12 weeks I was 100% healed and back on a mountain bike. If you need a good orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Baran should be your #1 choice. -Mark Clementi

  • Dr Baran is awesome! I was worried my condition was serious but he assured me it was not. He was kind and educated me on what was happening and how I could feel better. His whole office was great!-Grace C in Denver, CO
  • I saw Dr. Baran for my knee pain. He explained everything very well. Surgery went great. Doing well 6 weeks postop. Would highly recommend!

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